Virtual Book Launch and Retirement Celebration for Professor Emeritus Fuad Abdul Hamied

The Faculty of Language and Literature Education in collaboration with the English Education Department proudly present a festschrift as a tribute to Professor Fuad Abdul Hamied to celebrate and honor his remarkable dedication to the field of English education in Indonesia and beyond. The edited book entitled Language Education and Policy for the Changing Society: Contemporary […]

Higher Order Thinking (HOTs) in storytelling: An innovative learning model to improve speaking skill of grade seventh students in Bandung

Integrating higher order thinking (HOT) in teaching English to young learners has become an interesting issue nowadays since it is believed that the earlier English taught to young students, the better the skill gained (Puchta, 2012). Therefore, this research paper aims to:(1) investigate how is higher order thinking in storytelling taught to grade 7th students […]

SMSLEFA: An alternative synergistic multilayered analysis of students’ learning engagement in EFL context

Students’ learning engagement (SLE) has been the focus of educational research at least since the 1990s. Studies have been conducted using various methods and data analysis approaches and frameworks. However, reviews on related literature show that thus far there is no synergistic multilayered framework of analysis that has been developed and utilized. In the meantime, […]

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