READ and SPELL Phase 2

READ and SPELL phase 2 : ICT and ESL training for teachers

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia will hold the second phase of READ and SPELL program, in collaboration with Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College. The program is a 5-day program which will be held from 9 April 2021 up to 24 April 2021.

There will be four lecturers from UPI’s English Education Department: Dr. Lulu Laela Amalia, Dr. Yanty Wirza, Dr. Ahmad Bukhori, and Dr. Ika Lestari Damayanti.   

The program objectives are:

  1. to Equip the English basic education teachers with knowledge and technical know-how on integrating emerging ICTs in their ESL pedagogies and assessments; and
  2. to equip the English basic education teachers with skills on using big data to generate knowledge and create classroom interventions suited in their context

In brief, Research Extension and Development on Strengthening the Proficiency of the English Language Learners (READ and SPELL)  is four-phased teacher-training Project of ISPSC which was born in 2015. 40 Filipino basic education teachers were initially benefited by the said Project. Massive success stories of the participants especially in the application of the communicative language teaching framework in their context was gathered in a study conducted after the training. Said study is already published in a Scopus Journal, the Asian EFL Journal.

READ and SPELL Phase II is a subcomponent of the READ and SPELL and has levelled up its scope by collaborating it with a premier teacher education university in Indonesia, the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

READ and SPELL Phase II is a free five-day training for English Teachers in the Basic Education specifically for Senior High School Teachers in the Philippines and in Indonesia.

Instead of the traditional face to face communication, an online platform will be used for the Webinar. Experts from both ISPSC and UPI will be tapped as resource speakers. Expected participants from the Philippines are 60 English Language Teachers in the Senior High School from the three DepEd Divisions in Ilocos Sur: 20 from Vigan, 20 from Candon and 20 from Ilocos Sur. The teachers will be recommended by their Division Superintendent.  Meanwhile, 60 participants will be determined by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

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