Assessment serves as a monitoring tool and consequently reflects the expected learning outcomes as well as the program content,as it is developed on the basis of the course objectives in the syllabus, which are derived from the learning outcomes and aligned with the program contents.

Each syllabus contains the statement of learning outcomes targeted as well as the content to be covered and ordered per the course schedules. The contents are arranged in the way that students will proceed in a pedagogically logical and systematic way starting from introductory terminologies and concepts through to deepening the concepts and simulating the application of the concepts and the implementation phase of the concepts in real relevant situations. Throughout the process, assessment will be conducted to ascertain whether the contents are properly mastered. In other words, assessment is conducted to ascertain whether learning outcomes are achieved to the extent as planned in each respective course.

To sum up, all the learning outcomes and program contents are reflected in all the cumulative assessment of each of the courses.