Rd. Della Nurida Kartika Sari, M.Ed.

Rd. Della Nurida Kartika Sari, M.Ed.

Birth Place, Birth Date: Indramayu, 14 April 1977

Email: della@upi.edu

Graduated From

Master of Education, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Victoria, Australia, 2009


“Developing An In House Training Model of Material Development and Evaluation for High School Teachers: A Pilot Study”. UPI Grant (Ongoing Research) 2015.

“Mapping Teacher Competencies in Designing and Implementing Instructional Media”, UPI Grant. 2014.


“In House Training Model to Improve the Abilities of English Teachers in Developing Teaching Materials”. Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics 5 (1), 36-42. 2015.

“Let’s talk and tolerate: Strengthening students’ cultural awareness through literature circles”. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 3(2), 117-127. 2014.