About the Program

English Education Study Program made some adjustments to its system. In the revised version of the Program’s objectives, the graduates are expected to have:

  1. excellent mastery of the knowledge of English language systems and of such related language sciences as phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics;
  2. excellent command of English communication, both oral and written, involving the necessary ICT, multimedia, multimodal and multi-semiotic resources;
  3. professional ability in planning, administering, and evaluating students learning as well as reflecting on their own works and solving relevant problems in English-based works and the teaching of English in various different contexts;
  4. good conduct and awareness of environment and professional ethics; and productive skills to work in a team of interdisciplinary and global environment and engage in lifelong learning.

Undergraduate Program in English Education (UP-EEd) is one of the oldest study programs in UPI. Since the establishment of the university in 1954 under the name of Teachers Higher Education Teacher (PTPG), UP-EEd is under the English Education Department and has conducted an undergraduate program since 1988 by concentrating on Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The establishment of UP-EEd is inseparable from the development of IKIP Bandung to UPI based on Presidential Decree Number 124 Year 1999 which then has implications for the change of FPBS institutions especially in facing the process of development and expansion of the role of higher education. In 1999, FPBS has two courses namely UP-EEd and English Literature, and UP-EEd has a role in implementing the three pillars (Tridharma) of Higher Education in order to realize the vision, mission, and objectives of the faculty.

Our Vision

to be the center of excellence both nation and world-wide  in English Education that prepares teacher candidates, language studies, literature studies, English language teaching, and translation studies.

Our Mission

  • to administer quality teaching and learning process that prepare English teacher candidates to demonstrate strong competence and mastery in English, literature, and translation,
  • to conduct high quality research in the teaching of English language, literature, and translation,
  • to provide research-based community service that contributes to social betterment, and to develop mutually benefitting cooperation with relevant studies both in-country and overseas institutions.