Teaching Learning Activities



The learning process at PSPBING is oriented to construct autonomy, be constructive, and be outcome-based. Students become the centre of consideration of all steps of learning. Therefore, the lecture process is carried out both face-to-face and online lectures that synergize explanations, training, and projects (in the form of face-to-face, blended learning or flipped classroom).

In this teaching-learning process the three domains of student learning behaviour (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor) are developed. Overall, lectures is held within the framework of a learning management system designed to develop the competencies set out in the course learning outcomes, to shape the behaviours contained in the learning outcomes of study programs and the vision and mission of the faculty and university overall. Thus, assessment tools include written tests both in the form of multiple choices, content and essays, as well as oral tests and actions in the form of dialogue, speech, etc. In addition, assessment activities are also carried out during the learning process.

To ensure effective learning, efforts to build constructive alignment between the learning and assessment process with learning outcomes are done through continuous and periodic monitoring and evaluation activities. On the basis of the results of monitoring and evaluation, improvements are made on an ongoing basis.

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