Eko G. Samudro

(A scholarship grantee from Defense Ministry RI at Indonesia Defense University (IDU), Majoring Peace and Conflict Resolution Department, National Security Faculty and currently working as Private Secretary of The Vice Dean at National Security Faculty, IDU)

Greetings, My name is Eko G. Samudro from South Sumatera. I was born in Muara Enim, November 16th 1993. I started my college life at Indonesia University of Education in 2011 majoring English Education Department, The Faculty of Languages Education. Then, I graduated from English Education Department in 2015 guided by my beloved lecturers,  Mr. Pupung Purnawarman, M.S. Ed., Ph.D. and Ma’am Gin Gin Gustine, M.Pd., as my final essay advisors.

Learning in English Education Department was a wonderful experience. I had great learning impression during my college. To my knowledge, the lecturers are the experts in English, especially in English Teaching Methodology. I would like to express my gratitude to the lecturers in English Education Department for sharing the knowledge and training the colleger to be the best English teacher. As the alumni, I am lucky to have such a great English learning experience that always support my career life. I had teaching experience at one of the International Schools in Bandung and finally I am also successful in finishing my Master Degree. Thank you for everything and best of luck for all of us.

Best regards,

Eko G. Samudro, S.Pd., M.Han

Indiana Ayu Alwasilah

Indiana Ayu Alwasilah
Academic Director/Editorial Manager of Semesta Learning Evolution

Hi, I am Indiana. I obtained my bachelor and master degrees from English Education Department of UPI, gratuated in 2011 and 2015. I’m currently working in a start-up company providing English training, translation and online publishing services founded by the alumni from the same department. There are now about 50 employees and most of them are the graduates of English Department of UPI.

There are two things that I love the most about studying here. First, I consciously feel that my skills are improving. The list of books-to-read, assignments given, and research-based tasks, definitely have enhanced my critical thinkings skills, which I find beneficial in many aspects of my life.

Second, the pedagogical foundation I learned in the class are practical and is considered state-of-art, so it can be implemented in my own teaching practices. These experiences have given me chances to meet new inspiring people, give training, present research paper in international conferences, take part in text-book writing and translation, and most importantly, work with the others excellent alumni in the same company.

Roslina Sawitri, M.Pd.

Bachelor of English Education 2001
Masters of English Education 2007

I traveled to 18 countries in the last 10 years because I speak English. I received scholarships and grants (Cambodia, Japan and Germany) because I can write well in English. I never took any English course ever before I enrolled in university, majored in English. I am one living proof; a product of English Education Department, Faculty of Language and Arts, Indonesia University of Education. Call it biased, but I’m pretty sure we have some of the best alumni around.

Indonesia University of Education (UPI) is known as one of the best universities in the country because of it’s professors, facilities, and academics. All of my professors and faculties were outstanding and gave me the best guidance possible.

Each faculty person is engaged and among the best in their field, and I loved learning from them. I ultimately chose UPI for the close community and the student-professor relationships. It was a once in a lifetime experience where students not only learn how to be a confident educator and develop their teaching skills, but they also have an amazingly fun time exploring their talents.

I’ve recently returned from my appointment as the Indonesian Language Ambassador of the Centre for Development of Language Strategy and Diplomacy (PPSDK), Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture, to the United States of America. I taught Yale University students at Fall Semester of 2017-2018 Academic Year. These students learn about Indonesia; it’s official language, Bahasa Indonesia, and it’s culture. My time promoting Indonesia was spectacular owing to the fact that people I met and talked to were able to grasp the information I explained about, in English. In fact, Yale University CSEAS Senior Lector chose me as the Indonesian Language post-graduate fellow because of my degrees on Education.

I am overwhelmed by being an alumni of UPI for whatever and wherever I am today. In all, I’ve had a great experience with the English Education Department, and I wish all students and fellow alumni the best of luck in their career development.