Seminar on Language in Society

This semester, on December 13, 2019, the seventh students taking the Language in Society course participated in the Seminar on Language Society.

They had been engaged in mini research projects as a part of their assignment on the topics of their own choice under the various scopes, among others: language use and ethnic groups, linguistics landscape, language and social class, literacy and ELT, and language use and pop culture. The course aimed at providing the students with the hands-on research skills and experience to prepare them for undertaking their final research project in the following semester. The students were exposed to general and focused readings on the topics as well as exercising their academic writing skills that helped them understand the genre of research report. In conducting the mini research, the students worked in small groups of two or three, and they were provided with relevant readings materials, taught how to search for relevant literature online and were given consultation on their analysis and interpretation.

At the last week of the semester, the English Education Department organized a one-day seminar where the students presented their research in front of the lecturer and peers. The seminar was set up to resemble proper academic conferences to give the students real conference experience as presenters and audience. The students claimed that they appreciated having the real research experience to prepare them for the final research project that in turn helped them to finish their study on time.

The closing session

The program schedule of the seminar can be found here.

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