English Education Study Program’s 2019 Curriculum Workshop at Tirtagangga Hotel, Garut

The Integrated English Language Education Study Program (ELESP) spent part of the weekend on December 20th – 21st  at Tirtagangga Hotel, Garut to further discuss the newly implemented 2019 Curriculum. During the workshop, the study program sought to review the curriculum implementation and the alignment of the different elements in the course syllabi such as the description, program learning objectives, course learning objectives, and assessment.

The gathering also discussed the further dissemination of the courses on UPI’s SPADA (Sistem Pembelajaran Daring – Online Learning System) where some parts of the course sessons will be delivered through online modes. The online course offering would be available in the next academic year. The digitalization of the course content is part of the university’s mission toward the World Class University.

Curriculum Workshop at Tirtagangga, Garut.

The lecturers and staff also took the opportunity to enjoy the cool and fresh Garut’s atmosphere and each other’s company to strengthen the collegial bond by partaking in the Karaoke session. Have fun everybody!

Prof. Fuad Abdul Hamied and Prof. Nenden are having fun karaoke-ing.
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