Testimonial of Dr. Erwin Rahayu Saputra , M.Pd.

If I had to make a brief statement about what Doctoral Program of English Education  Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia gave me, it would be full of excitement, challenges, and learning. The program is an environment of great fun, where the opportunity to learn something new was provided. The academic atmosphere is very conducive. The lecturers are experienced and open to the development of new research and provide other students and me the up-to-date materials. Comfortable classroom learning and discussions with lecturers about interesting topics make the classroom atmosphere alive. Facilities provided for the students to access journals and online references are very helpful in completing assignments, research, and preparation for publications. Finally, enjoyable process of cooperation and supervision with academic supervisor, promoter and co-promoter allow me to graduate in two years and eleven months with cum laude honors and make me able to publish an article in Q1 Scopus indexed journal. I believe that the experience and learning that I received there will always guide me towards success—in personal as well as professional matters. I also think that it will help me to learn so much more about the challenges I would face in the real world because I found the environment there focused on developing a personality that can take on any challenge, while continually moving forward.

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