An academic visit to Hirao School of Management, Konan University, Japan, 24-30 June 2019

2019 marks the 9th year partnership between English Education Dept and Hirao School of Management. This is a very unique and exciting partnership and getting stonger each year. Since 2010, Associate Professor Roger Palmer of Hirao School of Management has been in a very close contact with Professor Emi Emilia of English Education Dept and their first step of partnership was in a form of joint research. Since then, every year students from Hirao visits us every February and English Dept students visit them every June.

This year, we are lucky to visit them again in June. There were 10 students and Dr. Gin Gin Gustine supervised the students for about one week. Our students visited some schools in Osaka region where they introduced Indonesian culture to high school students. They also participated in classroom discussions at Hirao School of Management and performed some cultural activities.

For our students, the trip is a life-changing experience as they come into close contact and experience Japanese culture from the insider’s perspectives.

If you are interested in the program for 2020, come to the English Education reception office for more details. Our visit will be in June-July 2020. See you then!

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