Some time at one point in your academic life at English Department UPI, you might encounter a situation where you need to urgently call or text your lecturer.

All of our lecturers and staff are committed to help you reach one of your academic goals in your life, for example we all want to see you pass the subjects with flying colours or help you finish your study on time. However, things may not go as planned. This is where good communication skill really matters.

Before you contact your lecturer, make sure that you know how your lecturer would prefer to be contacted. Not all lecturers have access to LINE for example, some of us are okay with Whatsapp, but not SMS. Some lecturers might be very strict with emails only. The preferable way of communication is normally discussed in the beginning of new semester. Apart from the media, you also need to pay extra attention on the ethics of communication.

Here we include a useful link on the ethics of contacting your lecturers. We hope you find this useful as well. Enjoy!