What is Program Profesi Guru (PPG) or Teacher Certification Program?

In order to teach in most of schools in Indonesia, you must be certified by reputable teachers’ education providers, including the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). As you may have been informed that according to the 2013 regulations issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Education , now all undergraduates students, both from education or non-education program, are eligible to have their teaching license if they pass all the requirement of the PPG. Thus, PPG aims to improve the quality of teachers in Indonesia which will enhance the quality of education as well.

UPI has provided one year-program of PPG, consists of workshops and teaching practicum, since 2013, including for English Department. Now we have officially started the teaching practicum for PPG students which will last for about six months and have assigned students to teach in some of our partnership schools such as SMPN 12, SMPN 15, SMA Lab School UPI, SMPN 1 Lembang, SMPN 3 Lembang, and SMAN 15 Bandung.

More information about the PPG please visit http://ppg.ristekdikti.go.id