Plagiarism in an act of ‘stealing’ other people’s ideas (usually in writing) without acknowledging the source properly. Of course, that is why it is stealing!

In UPI, especially in English Department, plagiarism is a serious academic offence and consequences are that you may fail a subject if you are caught in doing so.  How do lecturers make sure that your writing is free from plagiarism?  Most of the lecturers at English Department are frequent users of Turnitin. This friendly app helps both lecturers and students to check on plagiarism. While UPI has not provided access for students to login to Turnitin, lecturers are given unlimited access to check your work. Your lecturers will constantly remind you of the risk if you are involved in plagiarism, and in some Writing courses, you will also learn how to avoid it through paraphrasing, summarizing, and so on.

Go to the following link to know more about Turnitin and see you if you can download it for a free trial. Good luck.