Our department has been working intensively with some national organizations, both in Indonesia and outside. We proudly receive some students from Departemen Agama (DEPAG) or the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs who have been studying English along with other students.

For DEPAG students, here are compulsory programs that you need to participate in the beginning of September 2017.

  1. Matriculation Class

In this program, you will have time to engage in a discussion, deepen your understanding about a particular subject (especially skills subjects), and even to practice more in speaking and other skills intensively with your peers and lecturers. If you have some questions that you did not ask in the classroom, this program may help you gain confidence in asking those questions to your lecturers.


  1. TOEFL Course Preparation

A highly popular TOEFL course preparation is now around the corner. In this program, you will learn a variety of TOEFL tests (paper-based, internet-based), kinds of questions appear in the test, and of course, you will also learn some tips and tricks to score high.


  1. Pre-thesis Writing (Pelatihan pra-skripsi)

This intensive four-week program will provide you with some skills and tips on how to write your skripsi. You will learn how to develop research questions, read and select literature that fits to your research, find related articles, and so on. You will also learn how to establish a positive relationship with your supervisor(s) in a proper way which will help you finish your skripsi in a timely manner as well as help you develop a good interpersonal skill.

All these compulsory programs will start in September 2017 and will last for approximately four to six months. Date and schedule are subject to change. More information please send email to gustine@upi.edu or ask Pak Lingga at the front office.