Message from the head of English Education Department

Dr. Rd. Safrina Noorman, M.A.

Dr. Safrina Noorman, M.A.

Welcome to English Education Department. Our department has a deep concern about producing university graduates who are not only capable of delivering high quality English teaching in the contexts of formal and non-formal education but also knowledgeable in the field of English language, literature and translation. We are also committed to improving the quality of education by consistently conducting research in the field of English Education, Linguistics, Literature, and Translation.

With all the potentials we have in this department, we are confident that we can provide our students with high quality teaching and guidance. With our hard work and continuing support from the university, we are now moving towards becoming a national center of excellence in English teaching and in the study of English language and literature with international recognition.

For all prospective students interested in learning more about English teaching, English language, and literature, we look forward to welcoming you to our department.

Dr. Safrina Noorman, M.A.

The Head of English Education Department